In early 2016, the ASPCA awarded Shelter Outreach Services a grant for the creation of our new Director of Operations and Outreach position! This role is served by Dr. Holly Putnam who is thrilled to be able to help support our team’s day to day operations, as well as serve as a resource for our partner humane organizations to help facilitate spay neuter efforts in their regions. Additionally, Dr. Putnam provides consultative services to SOS partners in order to help keep their shelter populations as happy and healthy as possible.

Likewise, in early 2016 SOS was awarded a grant from the ASPCA to purchase a brand new Chevy Traverse! This vehicle has been an essential component of our daily operations, as SOS operates as a MASH style high quality high volume spay neuter clinic. Our team transports all of our anesthetic and surgical equipment to and from each of our clinic sites 7 days a week. We could not do this without the dependability and safety of our dependable Traverse!

Most recently, SOS received another grant from the ASPCA in order to purchase enough surgical instruments to make 20 new surgery packs! These additional instruments will help us to continue to sterilize dogs and cats for years to come!