stablished in June 2003, Shelter Outreach Services (SOS) is a non-profit corporation based in Ithaca, NY. 

     SOS is a 'MASH'-style high quality, high volume spay/neuter (HQHVSN) program that travels throughout the Finger Lakes region of NY to provide HQHVSN services for shelter dogs and cats, barn cats, feral cats, dogs and cats from families of low income, and dogs and cats from rescue groups.  We also provide medical consultation for sick animals at the shelters, and advise on shelter-related issues.  SOS travels from county to county, shelter to shelter, working with each animal welfare organization to outreach to the general public in need.  We work on average 30 days per month and sterilize 25-30 animals per day. We sterilize over 10,000 animals per year.

     SOS also consults and helps other groups from around the country set up this program model. We have assisted groups in Vermont, Wisconsin, and Ohio to set up 'MASH'-style HQHVSN programs in their communities. If you are interested in setting up an SOS in your area, please contact Dr. Appel.

     SOS has an official collaboration with the Cornell Univesity College of Veterinary Medicince through which Cornell veterinary students, along with a faculty veterinarian and a licensed veterinary technician will join SOS at the shelter to provide sterilization surgery.


helter Outreach Services (SOS) is dedicated to improving the quality of life and decreasing suffering for companion animals by stemming over-population through high quality, high volume spay/neuter clinics for animals in need.


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